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Pediatric Dentist

Our Pediatric Dentists Care For Your Family’s Teeth At Every Age

We provide dentistry and patient education for all your loved ones – including your children. Our gentle staff and comfortable office are uniquely suited for taking care of your children and getting them acquainted with dentistry in a positive way. We are supportive of our young patients in all their dental efforts, and take special care to communicate with them and foster oral health education. By building a solid foundation in youth, your kids’ attitudes toward dental care will last with them throughout their lives. They will enjoy beautiful smiles and healthy teeth for decades to come.

Cottrell and Associates manages dental care at every stage of your child’s development, beginning at infancy.

Infant Dental Care

As soon as teeth appear in your baby’s mouth, it’s time to begin paying attention to their dental health.

The first appearance of your child’s teeth will be during his or her first year, generally between 6-12 months of age. When teeth erupt (first emerge from the gum line), there will be frustration and discomfort. Teething pains can be safely soothed with a cold spoon, a cool cloth, or a teething ring applied to the gums. Avoid teething biscuits, as the sugar is not healthy for your child’s teeth.

It’s vital that you watch for signs of baby bottle decay. Look for soft, white spots on the lingual (tongue) side of the teeth. Take bottles away from your infant when he or she falls asleep to help protect teeth from acids.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Once your child begins teething, his or her first dental visit shouldn’t be far in the future. We recommend scheduling this exam around the first birthday. It will be simple, relaxed, and very pleasant. Our main priority during this appointment is to introduce your child to our office, dentists, and other staff. You will sit in the dental chair with your infant in your lap to help him or her feel completely at ease. This calm, early introduction will help your son or daughter approach his or her first cavity or dental work with a positive attitude.

Dental Care for Children

Primary Teeth

Primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, should not be viewed as disposable, unimportant teeth. Healthy primary teeth help your child develop excellent speech and pronunciation. They allow your kids to eat raw fruits and vegetables, and other foods that build good nutrition. Your children will experience wonderful self-images inspired by strong teeth. Moreover, primary teeth guide eruption of permanent teeth and help determine your child’s bite. Strong baby teeth make for hardy, well-positioned permanent teeth.

A Tooth-Healthy Diet

Excellent nutrition in childhood builds powerful teeth and healthy gums, not to mention strong bones. Sugary snacks and drinks have little nutritional content and serve mainly to cause cavities. Provide your children with milk, vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit, and a balanced diet from all five food groups.

We’ve given you tips for pediatric dental care in the home – now visit our office for the professional side. We hope to build friendships with your children and encourage them to be happy at the thought of a dental exam.


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