• Callao | Dental Sedation Makes Treatment a Breeze

  • Callao sedation dentistLet’s set up a hypothetical dental scenario. Say you have a dental appointment scheduled next week. You’ve fallen a little behind on your oral hygiene, and you’re suspicious that a twinge in a molar may mean a cavity. Do you feel a.) Excited to see your dentist and get your teeth into top shape, b.) A little bit nervous, or c.) Dreading the day and seriously considering skipping town? While we hope for our patients to have the a.) attitude, we cater to those who may be feeling more like b.) or c.). Dental anxiety is an incredibly common thing to have prior to treatment. No matter the severity of your dental fear, dental sedation will allow you to relax in the dental chair and be excited to see us the next time your regular appointment rolls around.

    Forms of Dental Sedation in Callao

    • IV sedation – This form of sedation releases an anti-anxiety drug into your bloodstream for the duration of your treatment. While commonly referred to as “sleep” sedation, this is a misnomer; you will not fall asleep, and will be responsive throughout treatment. But while you’ll experience the treatment, you likely won’t remember it. You will feel comfortable throughout, and remember pieces, but the overall impression will be a positive but mostly forgotten period in the dental chair.
    • Nitrous oxideNitrous provides medication via inhalation rather than intravenously. Its effects can be less strong than those of IV sedation, but it also wears off more quickly and allows you to return to your regular activities more quickly. Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous relaxes you and induces a euphoric, happy state.

    Callao Dentist | Dental Sedation vs. Dental Anesthesia

    While dental sedation relieves anxiety and apprehension, dental anesthesia prevents you from feeling pain. Anesthesia is used whenever a procedure could be potentially uncomfortable. We reserve sedation for any patient hoping to feel more relaxed and less concerned during their next appointment. To discuss your options prior to treatment, simply get in touch.