• Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • King George full mouth reconstructionFull mouth reconstruction means any number of things. It is a general term used to refer to the rebuilding process Dr. Cottrell and our dentists will guide you through when you visit our office with your mouth in some sort of disrepair. “Disrepair” can be worn teeth, yellowed teeth, unhealthy teeth, and even missing teeth. No matter the oral situation, there are a series of tailored treatments that will return your mouth to the place you’d like it to be. This week’s post will detail a few of the treatments that may be used, and the problems you will be able to address through King George full mouth reconstruction.

    Why Full Mouth Reconstruction?

    When a number of your teeth are showing the effects of wear and time, the overall appearance of your smile is diminished. You look unnecessarily old and tired with small, worn, yellowed, or missing teeth. Cottrell Smiles’ full mouth reconstruction not only improves the look of your smile, it actually strengthens your teeth to give them better longevity. Full mouth reconstruction may address

    • Worn teeth
    • Sensitive teeth
    • Stained teeth
    • Teeth lacking structure in any way
    • Broken teeth
    • Chipped teeth
    • Short / small teeth
    • Missing teeth
    • Any signs of age, disease, or wear

    Procedures Involved with Restorative Dentistry

    Full mouth reconstruction is different for every patient; your treatment will depend on your personal needs. In most cases, the treatments that could potentially be offered to you include:

    1. Porcelain crowns
    2. Dentures
    3. Dental implants
    4. Porcelain veneers
    5. Simpler treatments like dental bonding and teeth whitening

    Full mouth reconstruction is an ongoing dental treatment. Our King George team will determine what the best course of action is, then lead you down that road. Certain procedures will be performed before others, and our primary step will be to get you to a place of good oral health. If you’re ready to regain a strong, youthful smile, give us a call.