• Aesthetic Dental Treatment

  • King George aesthetic dentistThose new to the cosmetic dental world may not have heard the term “aesthetic dentistry” before. Consider the meaning of “aesthetic” on its own: pertaining to beauty and the appreciation of beauty. Aesthetic dentistry is no different. Whereas “cosmetic” can bring forth images of superficial, overdone treatments, aesthetic refers to dental work that is natural in appearance and feel. All dental work provided by the dentists at Cottrell and Associates is aesthetic dentistry. Read on to learn more about your options when it comes to changing your smile, and just what the results will be like.

    Aesthetic Dentistry And Your Smile

    Cosmetic dental treatment needs to strike a balance between making changes to your teeth and keeping your smile yours. Cookie-cutter smiles with rectangular, bright white teeth just don’t look natural, and they don’t look like they’re your own. We’ll alter your smile in whatever way you see fit, while keeping your smile’s personality. With subtle changes, your smile can become the perfect smile you’ve had in mind.

    Cosmetic Dental Treatments

    With procedures like composite fillings, bonding, whitening, and porcelain veneers, our dentists are able to

    • Whiten teeth
    • Lengthen teeth
    • Close spaces between teeth
    • Strengthen sensitive teeth
    • Change tooth shape
    • Straighten teeth (without orthodontic treatment!)
    • Make your smile symmetrical

    Cosmetic dentistry can change your life. When your smile isn’t what you’d like it to be, you struggle to show it and end up covering smiles and laughter. You don’t speak up as often as you could, and come off as a less friendly person. A smile that you’re proud of is something that you’ll cherish for life. It will make you feel more confident, outgoing, and satisfied with your life. If you feel anything other than delight when you catch a glimpse of your teeth in the mirror, contact our office to discuss your aesthetic dental options. We’re excited to transform your smile!