• Helping Your Kids Build Strong Teeth

  • King George pediatric dentistryYour kids look to you when building every aspect of themselves – even their teeth. Establishing positive attitudes toward dental health in your kids will inspire them to treat their teeth well throughout their lives. Dental anxiety is commonly formed at a young age. If you help your children feel great about their teeth and visiting the dentist rather than afraid, they’ll feel better about dental care at every age. This blog post comes at an especially helpful time – right before the craziness of the holidays. You can ensure that your children build strong teeth and habits even during an onslaught of sweets and celebrating, to find their mouths cavity-free come spring!

    Daily Tips for Kids Healthy Teeth

    1. Limit snackingSnacking is dangerous for teeth. When eating a meal, you’re consuming food for an extended period of time, so it’s accompanied by ample saliva to wash away bacteria and food particles before they can cause decay. The small amounts of food you eat when snacking aren’t substantial enough to provoke that same effect, leaving sugars and starches to prey on your teeth. Try to provide healthy snacks if your kids get hungry between meals. If they’re craving candy, make it a dessert after lunch or dinner to reduce the treat’s effects on teeth.
    2. Engage in smart grocery shopping – Your kids eat whatever you provide them. You’re the first defense against unhealthy snacks and foods. By purchasing snacks like string cheese, nuts, raw vegetables, and raw fruits, you give your kids a healthy foundation of dental and general health. If they covet the sweets they see at school lunches or friends’ houses, explain the importance of healthy teeth to them, and how decay forms.
    3. Encourage oral hygiene – This can mean any number of things, but is always valuable. Make oral hygiene an ongoing discussion. Set up brushing/flossing charts or times for the family to participate in teeth cleaning together, during which you’ll be able to see whether your kids are taking care of their teeth properly. Use fluoridated dental products to help your kids’ enamel develop properly. Talk about the effects of bacteria on teeth, and how healthy teeth last a lifetime. Your kids will respect what you tell them about oral health.
    4. Make a friendly visit to our office – You and your kids are welcome anytime, not exclusively when you have an appointment! Come by and say hi to our staff, and get your kids more comfortable with our facilities.

    Ongoing Pediatric Dental Health

    We’d love to discuss your kids’ dental health with you further. Get in touch to learn more about helping to build strong teeth!