• Advantages of Composite Fillings

  • King George composite fillingsLong ago, dental work resulted in a functional smile, but not necessarily a beautiful one. Fortunately, we now enjoy aesthetic options for every type of dental treatment. Even getting cavities filled can bring about a more beautiful smile. While fillings once meant noticeable pieces of silver or gold marring your teeth, tooth-colored composite fillings are now the norm. These fillings allow your King George dental team to rebuild decayed teeth without making any compromises.

    Reasons to Choose Composite Fillings

    When possible, we always offer composite fillings to patients. Though they’re not right for every type of dental problem, we’ll find an aesthetic option for those that can’t pursue them as well (like porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers, which are also tooth-colored). Below are a few reasons we find composite fillings to be so great for our patients.

    1. They don’t show off your dental work. While those who get cosmetic treatments may want to show off their dental work, patients who have just had cavities filled are hoping for their work to blend with their smile. Composite fillings will match your teeth exactly in shade and shape, and look entirely natural.
    2. Dental bonding is direct. Direct restorations are administered chairside, meaning they’re formed and bonded to teeth in a single appointment. This saves time and cuts out the dental lab middleman, making it possible for our King George staff to control the restoration entirely.
    3. Dental composite can solve other problems. Bonding is also a quick, affordable, and comfortable way to resolve problems that aren’t specifically related to decay. We are able to add composite to teeth to cover stains, fill gaps, and even lengthen teeth.

    Receiving Composite Fillings in King George

    Seeking gorgeous dental treatment that perfects your smile and repairs damage in one swoop? Get in touch with our practice to learn more about composite fillings.