• Dental Nutrients In Your Diet

  • King George dental nutritionWe all know to avoid sugary, starchy foods for the sake of our teeth. But it’s time to put a positive spin on oral health. Are you aware of which foods are nutrient-rich and great for your smile? They’re just as delicious as the not-so-healthy snacks you crave, and will help strengthen your teeth (and your entire body) for years to come. Read on for a rundown of the vitamins you should make a part of your diet, and some of their best food sources.

    Tooth-Healthy Nutrients and Where to Find Them

    1. Calcium – This is an essential nutrient that your teeth need to remain whole and vital. Calcium supports healthy dentin (the layer of your teeth below the enamel), as well as strong bones. Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese are excellent sources. The yogurt and cheese also helps to neutralize the pH in the mouth, and stop acidic damage.
    2. Vitamin C – Vitamin C gives the immune system a boost, cutting down on the chances of gum disease or decay. While many think of citrus fruits and juices as the easiest way to get vitamin C, these can actually prove harmful to your enamel. Too much citrus will result in heightened chances of cavities. Try to eat broccoli, leafy greens, bell peppers, and strawberries instead.
    3. Vitamin A – Once your gums are infected, it’s more difficult to keep future problems at bay. Plenty of vitamin A will keep infection from taking hold. Eat orange produce (like cantaloupe, carrots, and sweet potatoes), as well as liver and spinach.
    4. Vitamin D – Vitamin D supports a balance of phosphorous and calcium in the blood, giving your teeth the mineralizing agents they need. Look for vitamin D-fortified milk, eggs (don’t skip the yolks – they’re the vitamin source!), and fatty fish.

    You’ve probably noticed a trend: foods great for your teeth are also great for your body. Upgrade your diet by embracing these nutrition sources! Get in touch with Cottrell & Associates for a more in-depth discussion of your dental health.