• What Does My Jaw Pain Mean?

  • jaw pain King GeorgeAre you waking up with a sore jaw and lingering headache? Do your teeth hurt when you bite into your crunchy breakfast cereal? Do you find your jaw feeling exhausted, sore, and hard to move by the end of the day?

    Any one of these symptoms hampers your quality of life, and they often come alongside one another. When you’re dealing with jaw pain, even simple activities become painful and stressful. And the pain can linger, especially if you’re struggling to understand exactly where it’s coming from. Our King George dentist can help.

    Let this blog post serve as a guide to where your pain may be coming from – and the treatment option that’s most likely to help. Although this post will help you understand your options, it’s not definitive – the only way to get professional advice is to schedule an appointment.

    Common Causes of Jaw Pain

    •  TMJ King GeorgeInjury – This is the most obvious cause of jaw pain, but it can still be overlooked. If your jaw has sustained any kind of physical blow or trauma, that may have damaged the jaw joint. While this may heal when given time, it never hurts to check in with a doctor, and you should go to the emergency room right away if the injury is severe.
    • Teeth grinding / clenchingBruxism is a big problem for adults, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. When you’re experiencing stress, you tend to clench your muscles, especially while sleeping or otherwise occupied. This leads to the clenching and grinding of teeth, which aggravates the jaw joint. A custom mouth guard will help protect your teeth and jaws from this damaging habit.
    • TMJ disorder – The jaw joint is a complicated piece of equipment. With all the moving parts, there’s occasionally an issue with the joint working harmoniously, leading to poor function and pain. If you suspect you have a TMJ disorder, schedule an appointment with our King George dentist.
    • Other health problems – Arthritis, angina, and myofascial pain can all radiate out to the jaw, causing varying levels of jaw discomfort.

    TMJ Treatment in King George

    Jaw muscle problems exhibit different types of stubbornness. Some will fade, and some are persistent. You want to get back to normal as quickly as possible, and we want to help. Cottrell Smiles offers Botox for TMJ, as well as TMJ guards to stabilize the jaw. If you’re interested in soothing your pain, just get in touch.

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