• Halloween without Cavities

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    It’s October, and that means one thing on every kid’s mind: plenty of Halloween candy. But celebrating the holiday doesn’t have to mean opening up their teeth to the risk of decay. There are healthy ways to eat candy, and safe habits to embrace when consuming sugar. Pick up our tips on a tooth-friendly Halloween, and you (and your kids) will be thrilled to see cavity-free teeth in the months following.

    What to Embrace and What to Avoid on Halloween

    1. Choose chocolate – Chocolate may actually fight tooth decay, because cocoa beans have antibacterial effects. Plus, chocolate is milk-based and dissolves quickly, meaning it won’t cling to your teeth. The less time sugary substances spend in the mouth, the better.
    2. Avoid sticky candies – Sticky candy like taffy, caramel, Jolly Ranchers, and Starbursts become lodged between teeth easily. Then, they remain in place, triggering the beginnings of decay. If your kids don’t brush it away carefully, the candy can actually stay in place for days, which is bad news. Hard candies can also loosen or pull out dental work, lead to dental emergencies during the holiday.
    3. Remind your kids to brush – After bingeing on candy, it’s extra important that your kids brush and floss. Remind them to brush their teeth, but have them wait about 30 minutes first. Enamel might be softened after all that sugar, and brushing right away could cause damage.
    4. Try to pair candy with mealtimes – When snacking, your mouth doesn’t produce as much saliva as it does during meals. This means that the acids and sugars aren’t rinsed away. Try encouraging your kids to have candy as a dessert after a meal, rather than at isolated moments throughout the day.
    5. Find uses for leftover candy (other than eating) – Kids are often left with more candy than they actually want, but they feel an obligation to finish it. They worked hard for that candy, after all! Instead of allowing them to consume the extra sugar, encourage them to find creative uses for unwanted treats.
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