• Why Am I Scared of the Dentist?

  • King George sedation dentistryLifelong oral health helps you look, feel, and function your best. But those saddled with dental anxiety don’t have the same chance of achieving this success. A fear of the office keeps you away, and makes your teeth vulnerable to decay and disease. Each patient’s anxiety is unique, and we’ll do whatever necessary to help you move past yours. The first step? Identifying the cause.

    Common Causes of Dental Anxiety

    • Anxiety formed during childhood – As a child, you’re more likely to be frightened of the unknown, and this extends to dental treatment. If you had a number of cavities and fillings as a kid, you were probably scared of the discomfort and the treatment process. These memories can lead to growing anxiety that lasts throughout adulthood.
    • Past negative dental experiences – If you’ve ever had an uncomfortable procedure, that procedure can color your feelings about the office for years to come. With sedation dentistry, our office can help you move past those instincts and find pain-free treatment.
    • Other phobias triggered by treatment – Many patients have a strong fear of needles, or have sensitive gag reflexes. The thought of dental treatment terrifies them because of these fears, not because of treatment itself.
    • Uncertainty about what will happen during dental procedures – Most of the time, your imagination is far worse than reality. If you’re having a procedure done for the first time, you’re probably concerned about what will be involved, and may have pictured something that’s a lot scarier than the truth. We recommend that you educate yourself beforehand, and always bring up any questions or concerns you might have with our staff.
    • Struggle to communicate with your dentist – If you find it difficult to communicate your anxiety or your questions, that can make you feel even worse, and even helpless. We encourage you to speak with us freely – we’re here to help in any possible way.

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