• Helping Every Child Build Healthy Teeth

  • Callao pediatric dentistEvery little one deserves a healthy smile, and will benefit from it at every stage of life. But for some kids, it’s harder to receive the care they need than others. Our job is to make sure that no child is left behind, no matter their unique needs. If your son or daughter has a disability, struggles to brush or floss, or is immobilized by dental anxiety, they need extra support to build healthy teeth and gums. Learn what that support might involve, and just ask if you need any help.

    Helping Your Kids Boost Their Oral Health

    • Sedation – For anxious kids, dental sedation makes a big difference. If they’re scared of needles or concerned about pain, or just can’t sit still in the dental chair, the right sedation will help them feel relaxed and view treatment positively.
    • Oral hygiene aids – Floss holders, colorful toothbrushes, and flavored toothpastes and mouthwashes will help your children get invested in their hygiene and stay on schedule.
    • Family motivation – If your kids do everything they can to skip their brushing and flossing, try building some family solidarity with an oral hygiene chart and incentives for good health.
    • Group appointments – Frightened kids will feel better when they have their dental exams alongside you. Schedule cleanings for every member of the family on the same day to make things more comforting for your children.
    • Meet your child’s unique needs – America’s ToothFairy, a national organization for children’s oral health and disease prevention, recently released an adapted education kit that will better aid children with disabilities. No matter what your child might need to help with their oral health, there’s help available. If you’re not sure how to proceed, just ask us for guidance and recommendations. Our staff has been working in the dental field for many years and we’d love to offer help!
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