• Lose Your Fear of the Dentist in 2016

  • Callao general dentistBiting your nails over a dental appointment? Give your teeth (and nerves) a break by getting more comfortable with your dentist!

    Is it really possible to vanquish lifelong dental anxiety in a single year? We really think so – but it will take some hard work. That said, if engaging with your dental care and spending a little more time in the office in 2016 could lead to a future reduction in stress (and dental problems), isn’t it worth it?

    Help yourself, your children, and your entire family feel good about your healthcare. It all starts with our tips below – and with scheduling your next dental exam.

    How to Love Going to the Dentist

    1. Schedule (and keep) regular appointments – It’s easy enough to say that you’ll visit the dentist twice a year, but actually getting it done is another thing entirely. We know how busy you are, and how tough it can be to find the time. Schedule far in advance so that we can give you the day and time that’s easiest for you. The more often you visit the office, the better you’ll feel in that environment. Familiarity breeds comfort.
    2. Communicate with the dental staff – Let us know how you’re feeling. If you’re anxious about a procedure, we’ll be able to better serve you if we know about your nerves. Talking with our staff also helps you build relationships with our staff, which encourages you to return to the office.
    3. Understand why exams are so important – When you know what you’re avoiding by scheduling regularly, you’re more likely to seek out the care you need. Treating cavities while they’re small helps you avoid more involved treatment or a crown, and you can actually reverse gingivitis just with improved oral hygiene (while gum disease, its advanced form, is far more aggressive).
    4. Take great care of your teeth at home – Your oral hygiene boosts your health on a daily basis. Make sure to brush twice a day and floss once a day, and you’ll see the end result of a healthy, happy smile.
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