• Identifying Chronic Jaw Pain

  • King George TMJ treatmentIf you’re in pain, you deserve to find relief. But how do you know when the discomfort is going to be fleeting, and when it’s a sign of more significant problems. Discomfort in the jaw can come and go, show up just every once in a while, or be a chronic concern. No matter what your jaw pain is like, help is ahead – the first step is identifying what the pain means.

    Do I Have a TMJ Disorder?

    The temporomandibular joint and muscles allow your jaw to function. They provide the means to open and close your lower jaw, to chew and speak, and enjoy the full range of motion available. The TMJ joint is responsible for so much, and it’s not uncommon for it to malfunction. When the joint develops a pattern of problematic habits, TMJ disorders take hold. An estimated 10 million+ Americans have TMJ disorders, and they’re more likely to develop for men than men.

    That said, your jaw pain might not be TMD. Most people experiencing discomfort in the jaw area will see it fade after the underlying cause (stress, overactive jaw, swelling) stops acting up. This usually doesn’t require treatment. You’re likely to experience jaw pain if you are highly anxious, or if you have an issue with clenching or grinding your teeth.

    But if those temporary problems persist, the pain could become more serious. It’s issues like grinding that can develop fleeting issues into long-term concerns. These typically fall into one of three categories:

    • Myofascial pain – Discomfort that stems from the jaw muscles
    • Internal joint damage – A displaced disc or other injury to the jaw joint
    • Arthritis – Inflammatory joint disorders affecting the jaw

    You may have one or several of these conditions, or experience other health problems that impact your jaw pain. We will need to take a look at your jaw to know more about the right path forward. But if you’ve been experiencing ongoing pain, having difficulty moving your jaw, or finding that the pain is affecting your daily life, that means you should get in touch to seek treatment.

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