• Smooth Sailing through Invisalign Treatment

  • Callao Invisalign tipsPut together a travel-sized oral hygiene kit so that you can clean your teeth on the go!

    Invisalign treatment can be super simple. But it’s also a little different than anything you’ve tried before, so the process is going to take some getting used to. How do you avoid confusion and treatment hiccups? By educating yourself before taking on treatment. Our Callao Invisalign providers offer some tips to help you prepare and see smooth sailing toward a straighter smile.

     Discover Simple Invisalign Treatment

    • Wear your aligners long enough each day – There’s specific treatment plan that outlines your progress, and dictates when you should switch to new aligners. You’ll need to wear your aligners long enough each day in order to see yourself stay on track. This means having them in for 20-22 hours per day, which requires that you clean your teeth and replace the aligners as soon as possible after eating.
    • Practice speaking – When you first start Invisalign, there’s added material in your mouth that feels unfamiliar. You’ll experience some minor lisping until you grow accustomed to speaking with the aligners in. If you spend some time practicing speaking on your own, you’ll find yourself sounding normal in no time.
    • Put together a travel oral hygiene kit – You need to be able to clean your teeth on the go, anytime you eat or drink something other than water. This removes bacteria and acids so that they don’t get stuck between your teeth and the aligners, causing decay. The last thing we want is for your smile to have cavities as a result of straightening.
    • Cut down on your snacking – Since you need to clean your teeth every time you eat, you might find yourself struggling to snack. Try to eat fuller meals and eat healthy to avoid as many acids arising in the mouth.
    • Follow instructions – Switch to new aligners when your Invisalign provider advises so that you stay on track. There will be some minor soreness after switching, but this will fade shortly (and it’s not as uncomfortable as the pain associated with braces).
    • Wear your retainers post-treatment – You need to make sure that your results stick, and this means wearing your retainers. Cement your straightening for a lifelong beautiful smile!
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