• Getting Acquainted with Your Sedation Dentist

  • Callao sedation dentistHappy smiles in the dental chair? It’s easier than you think!

    Don’t feel trapped by dental anxiety. There’s a way forward – and it all starts with a trip to your sedation dentist. It might seem counterintuitive to spend more time at the office when it’s the place that makes you feel anxious, but more exposure to your dental practice will help you feel at home.

    Sedation dentistry involves more than just medication – it’s the entire process, from the moment you step through our door. Feeling calm and stress-free during treatment requires a multi-pronged approach, and we’ll help you find it for yourself. Keep reading for tips on some steps that have helped patients embrace their dental care, and see if any sound like they might be a good fit for you. If you ever have questions, just get in touch!

    Feeling Great about Visiting Your Dentist

    • Research your procedure – It always helps to learn a little more before your first time undergoing a new treatment. For example, if you’ve never had a root canal, look up the steps on an official dental site (don’t use personal sites, as these won’t necessarily be accurate or unbiased) to learn more. Your imagination is usually much worse than reality, especially if you’re nervous about the prospect of treatment.
    • Voice your concerns – We understand dental anxiety, and we want to know if you’re feeling anxious. The more we know about your feelings, the more we’ll be able to help. You won’t offend us by letting us know that you’re uncomfortable; we’ve helped many anxious patients in the past, and we know how to proceed. We’ll make sure your treatment process is gentle, communicative, and will help alleviate your nerves.
    • Find the right dental practice – You need to find a dentist you really love. This will help you schedule regular appointments, and stay on top of your health. The more often you have exams, the easier it is to avoid cavities and gum disease, and thereby prevent the need for invasive restorative treatment.
    • Ask about sedation – Dental sedation helps patients feel better, even when they’re typically highly anxious in the dental chair. Various sedatives help control your anxiety levels and prevent them from rising. We’ll find the option that’s right for you!
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