• Botox Therapy


    Your teeth are part of a delicate relationship between different parts of the facial musculature. Although your dentist’s major focus is on your mouth and oral health, there can be related areas requiring treatment. Patients suffering from a TMJ disorder or from teeth grinding understand how the teeth and lower jaw play a role in facial pain and jaw pain. Our dentists aren’t satisfied with your treatment until you are free of any oral, jaw, or facial discomfort. This can result from an endless variety of causes, including teeth grinding, jaw clenching, sinus problems, or muscles that have become overactive due to misuse.

    But what’s the answer to this chronic pain?

    Botox has been widely touted as a cosmetic treatment. Yet its muscle-relaxing qualities make it equally ideal for therapeutic applications. Botox enables our dentists to relieve you of stubborn, persistant pain due to overactive muscles.


    Botox contains a purified protein that causes target muscles to react to its presence. The reaction is typically a release from contraction. This means that treated muscles will not contract, even when presented with a nerve command.

    Because our dentist is so skilled, your Botox treatment will affect only the problem muscles, leaving others to function normally and allow for normal muscle movements.


    Bruxism – The medical term for teeth grinding, bruxism is a highly common affliction. Its damaging effects range depending on the intensity of the individual’s grinding. Typical side effects include worn teeth, tooth sensitivity, receding gums, TMJ complications, and even tooth loss. For many patients, grinding is impossible to avoid, as it occurs during sleep or on a subconscious level. Botox allows the jaw muscles to relax, bringing you relief from a tight jaw.

    TMJ Disorders – Temporomandibular joint disorders can be extremely painful and cause long-term damage. Botox treatments will cease harmful TMJ activity and allow the area to heal.

    Migraine and Headaches – Botox injections can help with facial pain resulting from migraines and frequent headaches.

    Other facial or oral pain – No matter the locality of your pain, Botox could be the answer. It’s this versatility that makes Botox such a remarkable medicine. Even if other treatments have failed you, there’s a change Botox could make the difference for which you’ve been searching.

    Have you struggled with any kind of chronic facial pain? Contact our office to discuss a resolution. You should not spend a moment longer living with the frustration and limitation of unyielding pain.